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Trending Business Opportunities for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

New graduates need not apply for jobs abroad considering the number of business opportunities available for them nowadays. While it is true that finding a job in the workforce can be a challenging proposition, one must not limit himself to an 8 to 5 job if there are chances to start his own business and be his own boss.

When looking for business ideas, it is important to see what is popular right now but one needs to tweak his idea a little bit to make it stand out among the rest. There are many business opportunities for new graduates from franchising, real estate, car selling and dealership, catering, events management, wedding planning, direct selling and telemarketing to dressmaking and dog training.


As a fresh graduate, franchising is a good choice for a small business. There are a lot of small business options in this field such as food cart and kiosk, water refill station, and services. These business ideas are ideal since these can be put up with a low capital and yet be profitable.

Food Cart and Kiosk. In the franchising industry, food cart or kiosk is presently one of the leading businesses that one can consider to franchise. The advantage of this business among others is that this business has a lower risk of loss because the name of the business is already established and has already gained the trust of consumers.

Water Refill Station. This business is considered a profitable venture since the demand for safe and clean water is increasing nowadays. With this in mind, though franchising a water refill station costs a higher capital than putting up one’s own, it is still worth the price.

Services. Health and wellness, fitness, slimming, salon, spa, massage therapy, skin and hair care, dental, and all that help improve the well-being or welfare of people are the best choices for franchise. This business type requires high startup capital, however, it is still ideal since services such as these are essential to most consumers.

Real Estate

Real estate industry has always been a growing industry. Hence, graduates can consider being an agent or a broker. To become a licensed agent or broker, one should pass all the qualifications and accomplish all the requirements needed. Please read on for the qualifications and requirements to become a licensed real estate agent or broker.

Agent/ Salesperson. Anyone can be a licensed agent if he/she is at least a high school graduate, at legal age, and not convicted of any violation concerning moral turpitude. Also, he/she should have an endorsement from a licensed real estate broker (certification should state that the person is under his/her employment), filled out a licensure form from relevant government agencies.

Broker. To be a licensed real estate broker one should be recommended by a licensed broker, at legal age, not convicted of any violation concerning moral turpitude. Also, one must have finished at least 144 units in college, and passed the written examination administered the managing government agency.

Wedding Planning

The need for quality and hassle-free wedding events has increased the demands for wedding planners and coordinators. This has made wedding planning as one of the best business ideas for fresh graduates who have the interest in weddings and have talents and skills in planning. In this type of business, attending seminars that offer comprehensive knowledge about wedding planning would be of great help. After learning about wedding planning, one may now choose where to focus in wedding planning such as budget, program, menu, venue, dresses, invitations and souvenirs, photography and video, and honeymoon.

A wedding planner speaks the language, has local relationships with vendors, understands the local business culture, and can ‘translate’ the entire wedding process for their clients

Planner. Creativity and unique ideas are expected from a good wedding planner. Since the wedding plan is the core of every wedding, creating a plan – a picture-perfect plan – is the vital role of a wedding planner.

Coordinator. A wedding coordinator is the one who works out the plans made by the wedding planner. He/she ensures that all the things needed in the wedding is accomplished. The coordinators are the ones who work hands-on on every detail that needs to be fulfilled for the wedding.

Other Potential Business Opportunities

The secret of a successful business lies in something that a person wants to do. If there is a slump, one will still persevere and push through because he loves what he is doing. Car dealership, photography, event management, and restaurant ownership are other potential opportunities for fresh graduates.

Car Dealership. Being a graduate of any business-related course and interested and knowledgeable about cars will have a great advantage in this field.

Photography. This business is perfect for shutterbugs or photo enthusiasts. Photography business can be easily put up with just a little effort and investment in cameras and studio. Having a bachelor’s degree in photography is a plus factor.

Event Management. Talent, skills, and passion for events are some of the factors that will contribute success in this type of business. Trainings and seminars related to events are also essential in pursuing this field.

Restaurant Ownership. This is one of the best business opportunities a culinary arts graduate can grab. All the learnings gained in school, and passion for food and cooking are the keys to running a successful restaurant.

There are also business opportunities including anything that includes ‘green business’ like bags made from recycled newspaper, affordable luxury items such as custom jewelry creation, t-shirt design and gift baskets-making, travel services, and fitness classes are good startup business ideas for graduates that have great potentials.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing helps in promoting products or services using the Internet. It is an affordable yet effective tool in growing one’s business. Since this marketing strategy works via the Web , an office is not required. This what makes online marketing affordable. Any location with accessible internet connection can be a place for work.

While there are many great business ideas out there, one should be ready to face challenges that come with running a business. To make this possible, it is very important to do some marketing research. First, find out the niche market. Decide whether to work home-based or to franchise. Create a business plan. Register a name that will help with brand recall.

Also, one must not forget to harness the power of online marketing to boost his business as word-of-mouth and print advertising are no longer as reliant as they used to be given the developments brought about by the internet marketing age.

Fresh graduates and aspiring young entrepreneurs can immediately begin an endeavor in the business industry with all of these potential and engaging business opportunities. However, one should have a careful thought and appropriate choice to attain a successful business venture.

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